Contest Category: 2023 Pioneertown Ceremonial Mayor

  • Mochi


    This candidate is a friendly, smart, at times downright adorable, Husky. She is entering her prime years and has never met a CRUNCHY TREAT she didn’t like. Mochi loves the high desert and her favorite social gathering spot in town is The Red Dog Saloon. She is available for press conferences and zoom calls as…

  • Jack (aka many names)

    Jack (aka many names)

    All around get around cat. All ready adopted by everyone The candidate that all ready makes house calls campaigning.

  • Donkey Hote

    Donkey Hote

    Donkey Hote is the voice of Pioneertown. She greets admirers with a powerful bray that can be heard throughout town when the wind is still.

  • Calico Cairn

    Calico Cairn

    Calico Cairn has been a desert resident of the outlying Pioneertown Mountains for the past eight years. Calico is dedicated to her community and engages with her constituents on walks throughout town. If elected Mayor of Pioneertown, Calico would be honored to carry on her duties with kindness and embrace the town’s wild west history.

  • Braveheart


    Braveheart has been a contender for the last two years. Braveheart believes this will be his year.

  • Harry T. Cactus

    Harry T. Cactus

    Harry T. Cactus was elected ceremonial mayor in 2021. During his term in office he proved that he could do nothing  just as good as anyone else.